Six-piece German industrial metal band Rammstein puts the BIG in show. Twice re-scheduled to accommodate the pandemic, the band’s 2022 Europe and US stadium tour set was built around a 36m high tower incorporating lifts for a 9m high HD video screen and the band themselves.


To take responsibility for shipping 90,000 kilos/90 metric tons of music and production equipment from Germany to North and South America, then home for some more. The biggest Rammstein tour, so far.


Coordinating seven 747s from Germany into the United States, and beyond, EFM committed senior project managers to the project on both sides of the Atlantic. EFM managed all the logistics, culminating in eight 53ft semi-trailers for the journey to the final venue on the American leg, in Las Vegas. From there, it was back across the Atlantic for the European tour.


This huge, epic, Rammstein show, towering structures, flames, fireworks, foam cannons and much more, landed in full effect, to deadline, across the schedule.
“I have been working with Mike Llewellyn and EFM my entire career. They always have my back and make sure I don’t have to worry about freight.” Nicolai Sabottka, Rammstein tour director.