EFM Global, international logistics consultants for live events and special projects, has increased its American reach with a second warehouse in Los Angeles.

Situated adjacent to EFM’s main hub in the city, and monitored 24/7, the new space adds to the company’s already considerable West Coast capacity and answers an increasing demand from clients.

EFM has a growing team in the United States, catering for a resurgent touring market post-pandemic. The second warehouse equips it to deliver best-in-class standards from an even bigger platform, to and from LA.

EFM Global COO/chief executive North America, Gary Morter, comments: “It can be hard to find safe, accessible storage for tours and other events, so there has been a huge demand for this space. We are delighted to have further increased our in-house capacity for new and established clients

“EFM has had a base in Los Angeles since 2005, which we significantly upgraded in 2017, so it’s a real milestone to further increase our reach there. A clear indicator of our commitment to the market nearly 20 years on.”

Outside LA, EFM has capacity in Atlanta, San Francisco, Portland, Michigan and New York, together with Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

Born out of experience to support music touring, EFM Global now provides for a broad mix of verticals and customers with the same commitment and expertise, moving time-critical shipments around the world. And sometimes beyond…