Transporting rare and beautiful cars - our 'white glove' service

Rolls-Royce Wraith

EFM was the sole provider of international closed-cover shipping for Rolls-Royce for the then unreleased Wraith, transporting new models from the production facility in Goodwood to various locations across the Middle East.

“When it came to transporting the car around the world, there was only one team I trusted with such a rare and valuable example. EFM Was head and shoulders above the rest”

This was an example of EFM’s white glove service, which provides discreet, end to end concierge level transportation, delivery a global door-to-door covered vehicle transport service. Through our international network, we collect and deliver to anywhere in the world, providing total cover and complete seal options. Our transportation is fully insured and guaranteed against damage and loss, while we handle all the planning, scheduling and management for the rarest and most expensive vehicles in the world.

To the ends of the Earth

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