EFM & Pyrotechnics are an explosive combination!

Saudi National Day 2018

EFM have developed a reputation over the years as the go-to logistics company for the events & entertainment industries, when it comes to transporting pyrotechnics shipments for shows, concerts and events around the world. Not just the explosives themselves, but also firing systems, component parts, tools, electronics, fire ramps, confetti cannons and other related equipment. From National Days to VIP parties, Opening / Closing Ceremonies to sporting events, our customer list has included shipments from the world's leading pyrotechnic and special effects companies - from Groupe F to Grucci, Howards to Pains, LunatX to Parente.

Parente Charter loading

In May 2019, EFM were called upon to charter an AN12 aircraft, arranging all the flight permissions, paperwork and handling from Brescia in Italy to Dammam in Saudi Arabia of a huge 15 ton shipment of fireworks for Eid, on behalf of one of our long-standing clients. It was an incredibly tight turnaround from start to finish, but we accomplished it and made the deadline, to everyone's delight.

Pyro on the ground in Italy

A snapshot of EFM's past work in this complex field is as follows:

- WWE Fireworks Displays in Saudi Arabia

- UAE National Day Fireworks - annually, including 20,000kgs of fireworks via airfreight from Sydney to Dubai for UAE National Day, together with more fireworks from China for the Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah / Abu Dhabi Port / Port Rasheed and local transport from venue to venue within UAE

- VIP Events in Mexico, Venice, Australia, Switzerland

- Saudi Arabia National Day Fireworks - annually

- New Years Eve Fireworks in various countries including Sydney, Dubai, London

- Eurovision Song Contest & Jennifer Lopez Tour in Baku, Azerbaijan

- Qatar National Day Fireworks - annually

- Oman National Day

- Kuwait Constitution Event

- Men's World Handball Championships in Doha - Opening & Closing Ceremony Fireworks

- Qatar IPC Opening / Closing Ceremony

- Katara Opening Ceremony in Doha

- Qatar Sports Club Closing Ceremony

- Men's World Squash Championships in Kuwait

- KAUST Inauguration fireworks in Jeddah

- Gulf Cup in Bahrain

Oman National Day

In addition to one-off spectaculars, EFM have been involved with regular shipments from in / out of USA, Italy, Germany, Australia, UK, China, Japan and Middle East.

To the ends of the Earth

Since 2000 we've been providing unrivalled logistics solutions to the live events industry. Reputation is everything, yours and ours, we are the company that can be relied upon to deliver precisely on time, on budget, every time, even when it seems impossible to everyone else.

Leading brands and the biggest names in Music, Sport, Automotive, Events, Stage & Screen trust and rely on us to manage their global event logistics. We've been behind the successful delivery of many of the greatest shows of the 21st century.

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