Cavalia - Carrying live cargo


Transporting living, breathing cargo is all in a day’s work for EFM. Horses, humans and lots of heavy kit were all on the checklist for Canadian based entertainers, Cavalia, who needed safe and assured transportation from Perth to Dubai in time for the final show of their tour.

Chartering a B-777F aircraft, we choreographed the delivery of 40 tons of precious cargo, including 40 horses travelling in custom made air stalls with nine airborne grooms. As the horses needed to be in transit for the shortest time possible, being anything less than 110 per cent prepared simply wasn’t an option.

Our flight landed at 3am local time, where the EFM Dubai team stepped in to take care of the final leg of the journey. At final destination, a 35 metre high Big Top Tent with seating for 1,000 people was filled with 2,500 tons of sand and earth, forming the centerpiece of the Qasr Al Hosn Festival. So spectacular was the show, it transferred to Singapore, requiring us to oversee all storage needs in the interim.

To the ends of the Earth

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