Aeroflot Activation

EFM were engaged by one of our Agency clients to look after all logistics around an international promotional campaign for Aeroflot. The activation was at various international airports including Tokyo, Beijing, Frankfurt and Hong Kong, and we had a very narrow timeframe and strict security to navigate through in each case.

Services provided by EFM to our client included:-

  • Road, air and sea freight of 14 large out-of-gauge wooden crates to airports including road freight London to Frankfurt; air freight Frankfurt to Tokyo, Tokyo to Beijing and Hong Kong and sea freight back to London
  • Raising all documentation and ATA Carnets in-house
  • Rapid customs clearance in and out of each country
  • Navigating licences and security clearances for airport access, complying at all times with strict airport security regulations
  • Removal, off-site storage and return of the empty crates at our local warehouses
  • Operating air and landside at major international airports
  • Crew was provided by EFM at each airport to load / unload, rig / de-rig the complex stand
  • Destruction of the stand back at the EFM UK warehouse after the activation ended

To the ends of the Earth

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